Jennifer Vanek is 5 foot 11, wife, mother of 4 and founder of
Fivelleven Pilates. Jennifer has a sports and marketing background
and a love for helping others. Pilates found its way into her life
years ago. As a busy mother to a 3 year-old and a Marketing
Professional in the corporate world, Jennifer struggled with
balancing home, work and her love for fitness. She had back pain
and poor posture from hours at a desk. Taking her first Mat Pilates
class through her company’s wellness center, this class fired a
passion in her that she knew she wanted to eventually share with
others one day.

As a tall woman, Pilates unfolded many things. From years of
slouching, desk and chair heights too low and the wrong type of
work outs, Pilates changed her body. It helped her posture,
strengthened her core, eased her back and neck pain and toned her
body in a way that she thought wasn’t possible with such an low
impact workout. Pilates has also helped Jennifer throughout her
second and third pregnancies, allowing her to recover much quicker
post baby. It has given Jennifer the confidence in something that
she can connect with, both mentally and physically.

Jennifer left the corporate world in 2016 and has solely focused on
building her clientele by helping others through Mat Pilates in
both private and small group formats all over the Dallas metroplex.
She has also taught and spoke at Corporate Wellness groups and
loves to share her experiences and exercises that have continued to
help her.

*Jennifer is Power Pilates certified in Core Mat I and II Training
and is a Beginner and Intermediate Mat teacher. She has 500+ hours
of Pilates training and over 4 years of experience. She also
specializes in prenatal, postnatal, injury and restorative

For more information or to schedule an assessment, inquire about
Privates, Group Classes or Corporate Wellness, please Contact
Jennifer here.